January 2, 2013

One at a time

My first job was working in a call center and we were taught to multi task such as talk to a client on the phone while typing some notes. In a way and in that situation, it was effective but as time goes by it becomes monotonous and almost robotic. I hardly paid attention to every case as every call was just a job to do and taking notes was kinda automatic. Because of that fast paced life, I adapted to the quick fixes for my favorite things like reading. Instead of going for hard bound and paperback novels, I resorted to magazines with decent enough articles just to quench my reading thirst. I would read a magazine, watch tv and sometimes surf the net all at one time. Multi tasking at its best. But I didn't enjoy it. It was harried and there was no joy in it, only the act of consumption. Doing with no pleasure.

As I grew up, I learned that taking things slowly is better and more enjoyable. It is better to do things one at a time. In the long run, this strategy is the most effective as you get to pay attention in every detail, examine the parts and absorb the knowledge as you go. No half baked efforts which results in no back jobs. 

In life, this also applies the same. One at a time is best. We give our all or most if we choose to to that one thing or person at one time and in here we learn to be creative, resourceful, smart, wise, patient and positive. Not to mention the big possibility of pleasure in all aspects. All or none. And at this stage of my life, since 2010, I believe I would rather get it all or none.

The above paragraph deals with one mind expansion only, not considering the many factors in the equation. Here comes compromise. Compromise of values, principles and convictions and it is thought as notwithstanding to the love and happiness and pleasure given and received. There are many layers to this concept, and when you are in the middle knowing there is someone ahead, and having that gut instinct that there are distractions after you, you are stuck questioning yourself whether this is worth it or not. The heart does not decide, the mind does, and the mind wants to stay firm and hold ground and be content with the available time a person can allocate for the situation. 

As long as this time is not compromised and taken by the distractions, I believe we'll be fine. We will be until happiness, love and pleasure runs out dry. 

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