December 31, 2012

The year that was

Bye 2012. In less than 24 hours, it's hello 2013!

2012 was pretty rough even for my standards. It started it with me in a limbo, finding out the plus sign on the kit, and basically trying to have balance with everything. And I didn't. I almost gave up, but once again found the light that was the island.

Sigh. Towards the end of the year I can say I'm blessed. Having a new baby and a girl really made my life positively glowing. I am just happy to have Z that it makes me stronger every time the ride gets rough.

I miss Tyler. Every day I struggle thinking about having him here with me. I know that someday that will happen.

Now I have two kids. Oh what a dream to have them both with me!

Z. She's just lovely. The way she smiles makes my heart melt. And when at one point and from there on I will have Tyler and Z with me, my life will just be so perfect.

With love and kids in mind, I welcome 2013.

Thank you for the lessons, 2012. I will be tougher and smarter because of you. I will be better.

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