March 14, 2012

20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines

I caught sight of this link on Facebook and just out of curiousity I clicked it. What I didn't know is that it would not kill me, but rather raise my blood pressure too damn high. You be the judge. 

This video has gone viral on the internet. 302 views as of this writing and this has only been posted yesterday, imagine how many more will see this in the days to come. The comments that can be seen for this video are somehow divided, maybe according to how they were brought up by their family or how well placed in the society they are. But the general opinion of this is not many Filipinos are happy that some tourist from an unnamed country would host something this hateful and emphasize that he is pissed at so many things here in the Philippines, 20 things as a matter of fact. We, Filipinos, do not appreciate being treated like this, especially when we are crawling in terms of economy and political stance. We know that our lack of better government has somehow pushed everyone to the brink, hence the vast difference from where this guy lived some 3 years ago, wherever that may be. Many also do not appreciate that he, who has lived here for 3 years, had the guts to say this and post it on the internet for the world to see. I don't know what you are trying to prove but this is bad publicity for us, and you may not care about this, but you, Mister, have also gained bad publicity due to this efforts from you and your group. We won't be surprised that one day, who knows, you just might end up terrorized by the MILFs you so criticized for their name. 

Robbie Dinglasan must feel like he's such a fucking hero for understanding Jimmy
The above image was a screenshot of the Channelfix comments where this vid was originally posted on. Robbie here, displays such same arrogance by Jimmy and even asks about his "audio-mixing skills"?? C'mon, Robbie boy. You can do better than embrace the feeling of closeness to this phuck. Now if this kind of attitude is what you call global thinking, well fuck it. You didn't even care that the guy was lashing at your own country and highlighting the bad things that we have when in fact the guy even loves the place at the end of the day. But why focus on the bad??? I just don't get it. Maybe I will, after I get to experience both of your audio-mixing skills, but til then, NO. I'm not really a patriotic person as that quality only breeds insecurity basing on our history, but I do love my country with it all its good and bad and if someone like this trout who likes his Rayban askew as much as approaches me anywhere with the same energy he showed on the video, I'm gonna fucking slap his dirty mouth with my even dirtier slippers that I used to kill a cockroach on the street.

Now toddlerbikes here knows what's right. 
That's right, toddlerbikes, send this guy to school! People who complain about lots of things and still stay exactly where they are are just plain nuts. That guy who sold you sexual enhancers should have just kicked you in the nuts for thinking that he thinks you need that. He's just selling you that because that's what he does to make a living. If Jimmy boy was so smart, he wouldn't have agreed to doing this in the first place. Well, that tells us that he isn't and for as long he's here, he's going to complain about them things all day long until he falls asleep from drinking too much "warm" beer.

On the other hand, there's this another video showing another tourist/s telling us the 20 things they love about the Philippines.

But a viewer would get too distracted by its ads in between. I lost my interest in seeing the whole thing. Now what Filipinos would love to see is Jimmy doing his own version of 20 things I love in the Philippines. If you're so game about showing the world what you dislike or hate, then I bet you wouldn't mind doing this.

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