I've always wanted to write since I was 7 years old and I consider it my achievement to have been hired as an article writer for a client last year. Ghost article writer would be a more correct job title. Another thing I developed a strong liking for  when I was seven is shooting using air rifles. I loved using caliber .177. because it taught me to be aware of accuracy and precision. One memorable achievement was when I championed in the single A category for the Animal Silhouette game when I was 14. I haven't topped myself in both since then. These are two very different things that can either protect or kill. Fortunately, neither of those are my goals for this blog.

This blog is just a creative output. Or my way to spew out anything into the endless Internet. Or making my spot on the Internet. Or owning a piece of cyber real estate which would be like acquiring a place in the cyberspace by reclaiming it with volatile foundations topped with scaffolding rigid enough to hold a mixture of personal, informational and educational content of my interests. Finished with a simple cladding that highlights my words.

This is my practice ground for my writing, conceptualizing and design skills. I have so many ideas in my mind and only time can tell when those ideas might have the courage to come out as they are, or if I would be the one to have courage to get in and pull them out from the unimaginable spaces of my mind.