October 14, 2012

The Saturday

Tha Saturday, mind you. 

So I got off work at 4am Saturday and snuggled up to bed. It wasn't a good sleep. Woke up at 7:19am to fetch my weekend yaya and my Tyler's previous yaya (who is my weekend yaya's daughter) at the main road. Fast forward to - we cleaned the house, I did my bit of introduction to everything. It's my first to do this since a long time ago to finally have a yaya with me. And only on weekends. =) I already have a dynamic with my weekdays. Working at night and tending to the baby and sleeping on mornings until it's time to work again. 

When our yaya first saw Z, her first reaction was she looked like her father and that there's nothing that she got from me. I objected and said, no of course not. It's obvious she got 2 things from me: vagina and cuteness. Auntie Lilia (yaya) and En-en (Tyler's yaya) and me all burst into laughing.

By 4pm, I excused myself. I just had to sleep! So sleep I did and I woke up again by 9:56pm with all my body screaming in pain. I don't know why, maybe it's just telling me to give it attention a bit since I have not been able to fully rest since I gave birth. I cook, I clean, take care of the baby, do the milk and diaper run, and everything. I decided to get a massage and I hoped that would help. I did a bit of work and told Auntie that I'm going to get a massage and meet up with the BF after. Gladly, she said okay. And I kissed Z goodbye and took off in the dark of the night by 12:10am.

I arrived in Divisoria and I was really shocked. People, people everywhere. LOL And more people in police uniform carrying armalites. What's happening to Cagayan de Oro, the city of golden friendship. Someone made a cellphone trigger bomb and loaded it with concrete nails and bombed a hotel downtown. I hope whoever did this felt so golden after and he can't move a muscle. 

Stepped in to the spa. Oh choices choices. How could I ever decide on which massage to take on when there are so lots of it to choose from and what difference would that make. I was only carrying what's left of the milk and diaper money the BF gave last week so naturally I chose the cheapest one, at a staggering price of PhP280. They made me sit at the lounge while they invisibly prepare my relaxation pod inside, and in 5minutes I was called in by a kind lady who led me to a lowly lit room with lounge chairs. I sat and they had my feet washed in lukewarm water with salts. I always feel awkward when someone does that to me, so to break the ice, I just had to ask the lady something.

Me: Kanang shiatsu massage, sakit na?
Lady: Oo Ma'am, pero ma relax ra man ka paghuman.
Me: Mao bah? Unsaon man nako pagrelax nga sakit man kaha?
Lady: Maka relax man japon Ma'am. Ang kini man gud gamiton oh (points to her thumb).
Me: Ah. Naa pud moy accupressure diri?
Lady: (pauses to think for 2 seconds before answering) Hmm, wala man Ma'am. Soft, medium ug hard pressure ra.

The situation was very hard. I didn't bother to say more. What could I say to make her understand what I said, right? Unless I wanted to school her and maybe include the rest of her workmates. 

The Swedish massage the receptionist had me try was rather bland, unlike the situation explained above.

I really don't wanna delve into details anymore, I know I will just bore whoever reads this.

So, finally, the hour was up. She asked me if I wanted hot tea or water, I almost suggested if they had iced tea, but stopped myself and answered instead "Water". I got up to get dressed and as I was about to put my corset on, she came in with a glass of water and put it on the massage bed. 

The reason why I wore a corset is because I don't have bras anymore, it's all in the laundry and maybe it's not done yet.

The BF texted: Aren't you done yet? I replied, I'm done, please fetch me. 
I'm already outside. 


Our first date in months. We went to dine at some 24/7 place and it was just nice to be with him. Just him and I. 
We went home to be with Z and snuggled in bed. A perfect cap to my week. =)

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