September 15, 2012

Swim with the the pool

Posting my second maternity pictures taken by my good friend Apple at the Eco Village Park pool. I say this would be the most daring thing I've ever done while pregnant. (Not including my motor bike stints in the island of 90-100kms/hr speeds and getting crashed by another motorist on my 5th month, LOL)

A piece of advise: don't do a maternity shoot in Eco Village. The climb'll regret it after the shoot. Hehehe.

As of this typing, the bulge you see right there is out. Born just 11 days ago, at exactly 11:04 am. A healthy baby girl who weighs 3.033 kgs and measures 50 cm. Happiness right out of my ... She's my second and I can say double happiness is just great joy. <3

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