February 23, 2012

The Perfect Man

He looks at me in a way no other man does. Take note: Man, not boy. Or guy. The way he touches me sends a variety of signals to my brain that are altogether comforting and electrifying, perhaps depending on the general mood. When those big hands touch me, I am enveloped in its roughness and warmth and I just feel like I'm in the safest place on Earth. On the other hand, when he caresses me, my skin just ignite in his touch and it sends me on fire. Not literally, but you get what I mean. My senses clap in deliciousness. My brains shut down in utter vividness of the colors of the emotions that gust forth with every inch that his fingers cover in my body. No pore or hair remains still at this point, everything is up as if it were on static.

The kiss.

The dizzying travel from the point of touch of our lips to the nano second of the moment brings me to a colorful, swirling, dwindling black hole of the unknown extra astral projection of some sorts. In short, it is something I cannot explain. I have been trying to come up with a description of the feeling I get every time we kiss, especially of that first time we did, but no words can ever be like that which I experienced.

If I am to describe how it is when we are together, it would go something like this: Swimming naked in wet deliciousness.

He takes care of me. Makes sure I got everything that I need. Does my errands for me. I look at him fixing my curtains and I just can't help saying to myself, he's the perfect husband.

I just wish he is MY husband.

*excerpts stolen from a secret source

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