February 2, 2012

The Desired Effect

I never thought of thinking the after effects of what I wanted to do, and as long as I was able to convince myself that it was my decision to do it, I was okay. I lived by the mantra: Don't think, just jump. And that has taken me to where I am now. 

The next question might be, do I like where I am right now? I would say it's not a question if I like it, but can I accept it? And I say yes. 

Tonight has been another time that I am learning something big that will forever change my life. Always go after the desired effect. In everything we do, there is always an effect that results from our actions and knowing what might be the results to our actions is the actual stage where we make our decisions. The thinking stage. Not necessarily that we battle with ourselves for what might the results be, but at least we prepare ourselves for what will come.

The desired effect. What do we want to achieve? By doing this, what is it what we want to have?

Simple but important questions. But if we would still pursue the effects of our actions without severity, this is where risk management comes in handy. Risk management can be named as prevention or cure. And always, prevention is better than cure. But if we were not safe, then the next thing is to be careful. Careful of how to carry yourself within the circumstance brought upon by the previous actions. But risk management comes with experience, and one must break a bone or two to come to a confident level. 

I guess life does allow us to learn things step by step. We are hurled at situations that are prerequisites of harder ones in the coming stages. Now our only job here is to live, learn, love and most importantly, smile and appreciate our life, our loved ones and what we have. 
Spongebob and Squidward falling

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