March 9, 2012

Being educated doesn't mean you're intelligent

Some people are just great in the art of sarcasm. They are what we can call practical geniuses. =) Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images. If you happen to own one or two (or many) of these images, please contact me and I will give you proper credit. Or not, if you're a bitch and you decide to sue me. Well, think about it first. Real hard. 
I'm curious too...

If only The Donkey had this posted everywhere in our city...

We must accept change.

It's just plain gross.

Self-service if no employee in sight.

That's why I like 'em skaters!

It can give you papercut.

How many more?

Good in Math, but not good in English...

And maybe an English tutor as well. 


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