December 2, 2011

Less is still more

Slowly pulling in air into your lungs. Hold it in. Exhaling slowly, feeling air pass through your nostrils. It's quiet from where you are standing. Looking out to what's in front of you and you don't see anything there. What you see are your goals and dreams and you feel like you're nearing it, maybe even accomplishing it at that point and you decide that everything is just something to do in between. The ultimate goal and dream is to be happy. The secret is simple. Just one technique is all it takes. Every time you have time to think, ask yourself: Am I happy? 

If your answer is yes, then you know you're exactly where you should be and that you're not worried about the future. What's important is the now, the present and you're happy. You're exactly doing the things that make you happy and you set aside all worries. 

If you've answered yourself no, then you know what to do. Knowing and planning is just half of it, taking the 1st step towards your happiness completes it. 

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