November 11, 2011

[no subject] 2.0

I'm so busy writing in my mental blog and I shake myself out of the mental writing thing and wish I could do actual writing. Time is everything and what I do is work overnight, well into lunch time, and graze at my ceiling and finally sink into the dark uncertainties of sleep. And yesterday, what happened was I was having a long lunch with my girl friends, went for a quick drive to Dapa and back, then finally retired onto my bed and slept. Overslept. Afternoon yesterday to 6am today. Missed work. Got 2 text messages from my boss looking for me. I remember hearing someone last night calling out to me, but I never woke up. I should never sleep. I should be on meth all the time so I'd be awake and actually get more things done. I'm reading James Altucher and he wrote some tips on how to be a better writer. He said there sleep for 8 hours a day. But how can I do that? When in my world, I sleep for an average of 10 hours per day. An hour less than that is actually unusual for me. 

I guess this is something that requires some practice, huh? Well, back in the city I'm pretty sure something like this won't happen. Maybe it's just here in the island that there's something that gets you lost in the momentum of your life and you get sucked into this blackhole of getting your circadian rhythm messed up even with pending tasks in your list. So far, something like this has happened to me exactly 3 times already. Third time today. Slept for too long, woke up disoriented and things to do are being pushed over for the next day... Ahhh, sleep. I love you but you are indeed the stepchild of death. ;-)


SaNaSaNz said...

I know how you feel...Sometimes resting during daytime helps.

Caye Simpoo said...

Yesterday-today is my officially my 4th. =)