December 31, 2011

Excuse me, 2011. 2012 is coming.

What a year that was. I'm just so glad it's over. (What an excuse, the year may be over but I'm still the same me. LOL)

This was the year of starting over. Over and over again. And again. 

Insanity. But this is what I live for. 

Otherwise I'd get bored. I'd cry. Get depressed and run again.

This year has just been so wonderful for me. Met so many lovely characters and learned a lot from them. I was planning on detailing the accounts of what happened this year but that would take up too much time, yours and mine. 

So to spare us of putting in extra time writing and reading all of what happened this 2011, I'd would just highlight a few worth mentioning.

Early this year I moved out to the island of Siargao, just 3 hours by boat from Surigao. The reason why I moved out there: I fell in love with the place. Instantly. The moment I stepped foot in General Luna December of 2010, with its sandy roads leading to the resorts and ultimately the number 1 surf spot in the Philippines, aptly named Cloud 9, I was in Heaven. And back. I don't wanna stay long in heaven as I think it's just all white and puffy there. But in Siargao. I am at loss for words when asked what I feel for the place. 
my workstation
In March 27, my baby turned 2 years old. The baby I gave birth to in March 2009 turned 2 years old. The milk powered machine, Michelin/Jollibee look-alike being. Time flies so fast. I just love him like crazy. And someday we will be together, forever. Until he decides to go on his own.
chocolate and milk
April: bloody Cloud 9. My first ever surf in this motherfuckin' spot and I bled all over the place. And on my friend's motorbike. Literally, Cloud 9 is a motherfucker. I am a mother and it sure fucked me with the tail fin of the fun board I was using. It was a blunt trauma which caused 2 lacerations on the minor with a pain so major. They say pain is good for the soul. And I read this on a fave book back then: Whoever said pain is good for the soul must not know what pain is, or does not have a soul. At least I'm alive, and I couldn't be more happier. And I got to surf again after 3 weeks, even though the doctor said to wait after 2 months when the cuts are closed. And true to her words, the cuts closed up after 2 months with no stitches.
da maderpaker
Oh, June. You are just so lovely. You gave me a lot. You enlightened me. You made me see all the positive things around us. Life is just wonderful and death would be something lovely to experience. Someday... But today, I will say...

Thank you with all of my mind and soul

I celebrate my birthday every year in August. This year was the best one yet. After so many years. No more disappointments, just big smiles, even bigger hearts and great joy. I thank all of my family, friends, loved ones, everyone and everything that I coexist with in this planet. As I rang in my 26th year, I never felt so much love that day and I feel it up to now.
yes, i can finish up the whole cake in 1 sitting. kidding. 1 day. 
This was also the year where I experienced being unemployed for a long time (it was just 2 months but it felt like a year). From August to late October. Being an online contractor depending solely on online salary, it hit me hard to be working only on freelance projects that didn't cover enough of my bills. I don't depend on anyone and it was a humbling experience to have asked for help from people I knew way back. And now I owe them more than what I could ever pay back for. 
where I run to when things don't seem to work out
Stayed only for a month in the island. The shortest stay ever. It was a stew of adjustment period, self-intimacy, self-knowledge, rekindling of soured friendships, breaking up of bitter friendships, reconnecting of a not-so-past inspiration, and generally being positive and spreading love and being nice and kind to everyone. Mid-October to Mid-November was just wonderful. 
I can't say how lovely this experience was, I can only smile 
The tragedy that was Sendong. It claimed a lot of lives that night. A lot of people lost, some were never found. I guess once in a while the cycle of life happens in a flash, we'd be lucky to be one of those who have died. But the people who survived are mourning, blaming, crying, mad, depressed and lost. I know this is easy to say, but the only thing we can do is move on. MOVE ON. Let's start by taking the first step with our right foot, then left, then right again. Continue doing so until you finally get the rhythm of walking. And if you must, run. But never look back. Only remember the events in silence, be it good or bad. Speak of the future as if you own it. If you can think of it, surely you can do it. Just like Oplan Pansit did, and several more others who helped Cagayan de Oro City.  

So there, my 2011. 

Now, this coming year,  which is just 15 minutes from now, of 2012, since it's year of the Dragon, we don't need to chase it as it has come already. 

Enjoy the New Year chums! I love you all!

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