August 3, 2011

Pork caldereta

Eww. Hahaha! I don't eat pork or beef anymore, and have not since March of 2011. I only eat fish, vegetables and fruits lately and I hope to continue doing so for the long time to come. But, I just wanted to post this from an old blog for anyone who wish to cook caldereta in a yummy and delicious way. 
I thank my friend Khrystle for sharing her recipe whom I used to share a condo with in Makati. Me and another friend Jen sure ate a lot!!!

2 pcs green bell pepper, cut into thin strips
2 pcs red bell pepper, cut into thin strips
2 pcs chilis (only if you like it hot like I do)
2 big carrots, thinly chopped
2 big potatoes, thinly chopped (or you can dice it)
1 tbsp garlic, minced
1 tbsp onions, minced
2 tbsps butter
1/2 kg lean pork, cut into bite sized portions
2 cups water
1 small can of green peas
1 small can liver spread
1 small can mushrooms (optional)
1 small cheese, diced
Del Monte Quick and Easy Kaldereta Mix
salt and pepper
1/2 tsp of oregano
I like to boil my meat before I actually cook it. So what I did above was to boil it with enough water just so it covers the meat and season it with salt, pepper and oregano. The flavors just mix together so well that it makes a whole lot of difference if you skip this step. While the meat is boiling, saute potatoes and carrots in butter until lightly browned. Cover the pan. The meat should be done by now that you will see the fat marbling with the water on the surface. Discard the water and in a different pan, saute garlic and onions in minimal oil until translucent. Mix in the meat and cook for about 5 minutes and mix in the liver spread until every cut is coated. Continue cooking for 3 minutes then put in the kaldereta mix. Add 2 cups of water and cover the pan. Let it simmer for 5 minutes then put in the carrots, potatoes, green peas and mushrooms. Cook for 10 minutes. Add in the chopped chilis and mix and finally, fold in the cheese. Serves 3.
Cook at least 5 cups of rice with this. The sauce is just simply rice killer. :-)

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