August 1, 2011


The first camera I ever used was a blue bar film camera which made grainy pictures. But it was a camera, nonetheless, and I was always excited to shoot anything with it, though I was more excited to be the subject of the shoot. Then came highschool, my aunt abroad sent me a solar powered film camera. It was really light but it did what it supposed to do. The pictures were better than grainy. And then my mom got a Canon Autoboy. The pictures were perfect! (at least at that time it was) I could almost see my pores in the photos. Well, almost. From then on, my mom and I got really serious with taking pictures that we even bought coffee table photo books and learned everything on our own. I was her model, and my mom prided in herself that she could take a more-than-decent shot. It's been a long time since my mom and I got crazy over taking pictures. But my longing to have a good camera didn't fade. I want to take up photography classes and hopefully invest in a good camera body and a couple of lenses. 

I reckon a Nikon D80 would be good for a beginner like me. It just looks so sexy and powerful at the same time. The Kodak Easy Share Sport is really something, it's a sport camera that can go underwater and withstand the harshness of adventures and it's also very cheap! It's a dream. But my real dream is this: Polaroid Instant Camera! I know, right? Now we can see this has gone through so many revisions but the concept of being instant is still there and I just love it! 


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