April 20, 2013

I'm lovin' it!

Today is one of the longest days of my life. What with the most recent notable event, not being able to go out and waiting for that one text that will at least make me feel remembered.

Me and Z are getting antsy and I've been wanting to eat ice cream since the week started so naturally I had to think of something that will cure the antsy-ness and satisfy the craving without having to go out or bug somebody. I called McDonald's for delivery and ordered spaghetti, fries and hot fudge sundae. The lady said it will take 50-1 hour for it to come because they had a lot of pending orders. I just said okay for lack of other options. They went beyond my expectations and went past the said time. When the delivery guy came, he seemed to be lost as he was knocking on the wrong door.
Apparently, the lady I spoke with wrote the wrong unit number with no directions how to get to my place which caused the much longer delay. The guy apologized and I said it's okay but I just to text the lady and complain about the food. The spaghetti was soggy, the fries were soft and the sundae was really really liquidy. I was hungry so I ate the spaghetti and the sundae, but the fries were really... Tsk. Anyway, I already complained and I was thinking I'd never ordered McDonald's again. An hour passed and I got a text with apologies and it said another batch of what I ordered is on its way. Wow! I didn't even expect this, but thank you loads! 

And this is why in all it's unhealthiness and grease, I am saying McDonald's, I'm lovin' it! 

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