September 11, 2011


Sundays have this power that kind of sprays you with a relaxing mist all over when you wake up. Either you wake up refreshed from a long sleep, groggy because of hangover from a blast on Saturday night, or waking up disoriented why it's unusually silent today. Ahh, Sunday.

I love my Sunday when it's all quiet and peaceful. I wake up in the morning, be it anytime of the day, and I would feel blessed everytime. I honestly feel blessed everytime I wake up but on Sundays, I just have this feeling of being extra blessed and special. I have family and friends who love me, though they are not around or I am not around them, I send them out a kiss in my mind to all of them and I wish them a good day.

Easy like Sunday morning. I wish I can say life is also like that. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride for us all on different levels. Some sections are flat, straight and maybe even boring and the next thing we know we are approaching this curve and there starts our adventure. We live our lives like this. We just have to ride it out. We laugh, we cry, we get excited, we get scared but we will never see the end of it. WE JUST HAVE TO RIDE IT OUT. Until we get to the finish line.

Nothing is in our control and we believe in this. Actually, that is half true. We may have no control of what's around us but one thing we can control is ourselves. Physiological explanations aside, we are in control of ourselves. We have a mind that is so powerful in nature that if we feed it with good stimuli it helps in giving us the results that we want. It also greatly helps if we function in line with what we wish to achieve.

Sundays. My ideal Sunday though is to be with the one who I love the most. To wake up beside him, to see that morning glow and watch that smile grow as he focuses on my face. It's just lovely. The imagination is so vivid that I can almost taste it. Yes, someday. On a Sunday. :-)

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