September 19, 2011

If love is food, then I'm bulimic

Love. Here we go again.

This is not a post about a recent love or heartbreak experience. This is a post about love in general and my opinion towards it.

The title tells you about my stance on love now if it were food. You see, bulimics are people who seem normal with normal vital stats according to the public, but deep inside they have this disorder they are trying to live with. They tend to eat so much food in as little time as possible and do everything to purge it out by vomiting. This binge-purge cycle eventually leads to anorexia if left untreated. However, with intervention and support from family, friends and care professionals, a bulimic may be saved from this condition.

Most people have normal attitude towards love and food. They eat, exercise, explore and enjoy regularly. They gain weight, they go through break-ups, they find themselves and fall in love once again. They cook, they eat, they order out, they go for drive-through and scan cook books for new recipes. All in moderation, nothing in excess and they live life pretty nicely and most often, grow old into obscurity. 

Now some people tend to be adventurous. They take in as much as they can like a bulimic and when they get fed up, they spew out everything they took in. They eat a lot when they feel like it and they don't exercise because they are fundamentally lazy but can be surprisingly effective at tasks when called for. They hardly cook but when they feel like cooking they can cook up a storm and feed a village. Sometimes they exercise and take on the least strenuous routine they can keep for a long time, otherwise they'd be too lazy to do it on a daily basis. They love going out and see the countryside, the beach, the city, hang out in bars, laze on the beach or just get cooped up in the room when they don't feel like doing anything. You can call these people extremes, for they are and they are always either overestimated or underestimated. One may find them changing their rails every 6 months to a year. 

Sometimes I wish I was one of the most people. But I am not, and my biggest problem in life is that it can get pretty bad at times because it's just so good. :-)

*on why I associate love/life with bulimia is because I am a firm believer of learning, unlearning and relearning. 
*it's not the destination that matters, it's the kind of life that you get in the journey you are in.  

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