April 16, 2011

My own path

I thought I experienced everything already. But as with most personal assumptions and uneducated conclusions and underestimating of one’s self in this river called life, when this thought starts to come across your mind, you should know that you are fucked.
Big time. Why? You never know where you will be later or tomorrow. A lot of things can happen in a minute, just imagine what other things you could encounter with in a whole day. You will be mostly judged on what you are doing because nobody really cares to ask the motivation behind it.
So today I can consider one of the best days in my life. I had a long day filled with being with friends from different groups at separate times, just hanging out and talking about everything under the sun. I consider this therapy because I get to unload some heavy stuff in my heart and mind and it somehow releases me from the mental trap we subconsciously built within us. Once we are free of the stress, it is only then that we truly experience letting go and finding ourselves again.
We all have dreams that fuels us to wake up earlier than usual in the morning. Everyday we do things that helps us get closer to that dream. Then suddenly we hit a wall. We panic, lose focus and maybe turn our backs and walk towards a different direction. Sometimes we need to do this, we need to recuperate and reset our minds before we regroup ourselves again to strategize on  how to better overcome that wall. So we shouldn’t criticize someone who’s going through tough times. Let us offer our hand for help and give him or her the honor to make the decision to accept your help.
We may stray from the path but who’s clearing the path? Isn’t it us who’s making a path for our own future? It’s simply our own path that we should be following, not anyone else’s. Because in truth, nobody paves our paths. We do it on our own.

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