November 28, 2013

All around soap

I found it! My all around soap!

I was just so happy and giddy to discover this. I've been a Dove user since college and my skin feels smooth and nice and it has this youthful glow (I see it when I look at the mirror, at least). But, two days ago, my Dove soap was already kinda thin and if you know, when soaps thin out, it doesn't really lather up much anymore. So I decided to try out my daughter's soap. She's using Oilatum bar and it's for dry and sensitive skin. My facial skin has always been a combination or normal and oily, and for my body, it's usually dry, and Dove soap does help in making it not too dry anymore but I always apply lotion after a shower. The morning after I used Oilatum, my skin did feel a little smoother and pores looked tight. Amazing! The next time I had a shower, I used it for my body too and yes, my skin looks better now than when I was using Dove.
I made a decision to make it my all around soap. Instead of buying three different soaps for face, body and private area, I just used Oilatum. It's a bit pricey than Dove or any regular soap but it's a consolidated expense for all three necessities.

Thank you Oilatum!

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