October 24, 2011

Art by Gani

Art is everywhere but only a few can capture it. 

One of those few is Gani, don't really know what his name is (LOL) but he's my friendly neighbor who's a tattoo artist and a talented craftsman as well. He can make you pipes, necklaces and almost anything you can imagine only an artist can do. He also paints on walls and on canvas and he can ink you a mean tatt. Well for this post, he did a truly wonderful work of art from an antique fork. 

It's amazing what an artist can do with an antique fork, a vice, a pair of pliers and sheets of sandpaper. 
This sells for PhP2,000. I bought it a lower price though because we're friends. Hehehe. 
If you can find any antique fork from your lola's kaban, then you can have your own antique fork bracelet made for only PhP1,500.
This craft has just got so much potential for fine jewelry making. The artist just has so much potential for expanding his art and craft.
For inquiries, comment on this blog and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

More Art by Gani soon...

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