September 6, 2011

Where we go to...

The past few days have been a breeze. From deciding whether or not we are happy where we are and temporarily losing connection to see how this will pan out. To seeing the positive side of everything and enjoying rare moments with self and others. The wonders of love, friendship and human connection.

In this kind of circumstance, one will think that a person with this mental state must have very strong barrier from the world's stressors. It's not a barrier, but rather a will to choose which ones get to populate our priceless brain. We only have one brain so we must be careful what we feed it. 

Escapism. This is what we do when the world around us seems to be too much. When things in our family, school, work or relationships doesn't seem to go the way it should be, we seek refuge from friends, hobby, place or thing. A person who works 9-5 will want to unwind at a bar or a friend's place for a round or two. A father coming home from work to a messy house may wish to retreat to his den and tinker with his toy car collection. A resort innkeeper loves to stroll by the beach after her shift. The things we do sometimes bothers us to our bones and we try to find ways to make room for ourselves and call it our special place. Escapism.

What I am most curious about is after escapism. Does it actually make the world a better place? When we trudge back to our normal world after a retreat, are we refreshed with renewed energy to face the all too familiar scenarios again? If I am to ask myself, yes it does. I think. I imagine myself stressed out from an online day's work and I head to the beach to wash myself from the heaviness of it all and I would feel revived. Everytime. Then tomorrow is another day to be stressed again, to take that needed dip in the beach and to feel new all over again. So is this how we all survive? 

Lucky are the ones who are dead for they have reached the finish line.

To make a better ending, I think it is so much better to filter the world from your eyes. See only those you like, feel what you need, take what is nice and leave the bad behind. I'm not saying be blind from the negative stuff, I'm just saying don't let it get to you. The world is actually a better place if we only start being kind to ourselves and to others. 

Be kind to your mind. :-) 

For the shit, you have an asshole to use to rid yourself of it. 

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