September 9, 2011


Without love, we perish.

That's my friend's tattoo on his arm. Is it true? Maybe.

It's been quite a long time since I heard that. Last week from Tyler. And the longest time from someone special.

The last time I uttered those words were last week. To Tyler. And to someone special, a long time as well.

Saying those words give us that warm and fuzzy feeling. Much more when you hear them from people you care about.

It only feels that when it is true.

I guess love is like a drug then. We are all addicts of love. In my mind I beg to differ, I wanna say that I am not an addict of love. I am only a user. An addict go to lengths just to have some of that love, otherwise, the addict will go crazy or even die. I am only a user because I can survive without it, but I am okay with it. But really, I think I also am an addict. I need to feel that love if not romantically, then from family and friends. The feeling of belongingness in this world is what we hope for, crave for, dream of and wish for.

Earlier today I was walking around the mall after errands and wished to be with someone. That someone. But like all great loves, I can only love from afar. So I have to make do with what I have, and that is myself.

Yes it's true. Without love, we perish. So even we are without anyone, let's consider our family and friends who are always there for us. And most importantly, we must love ourselves.

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