September 30, 2011

Like a tree

When I was 6, I thought my life was perfect
I had all of everything.
When I turned 7, I was taught how to share
It didn't sit well with me that I wasn't the only one anymore.
When I was 9, I was given backstage pass to the stage called life.
I saw ugliness, deceit and treacheary
Yet I chose to live with it
I still gave my best smiles everytime it's my turn.
When I was 15, I set myself free.
Natural, wonderful, amazing and lovely
Pretty and beautiful garbage

Crossed parallels and teased perimeters
All so easy and free
Just before I turned 20, I thought the world of you
You were my new everything, my oasis
But I am a desert flower
Not born, but learned
You winced at every pinch
Your pained look hit me three times
But no suffering is ever without reward
The most loveliest thing
The best thing
When I was almost 23.
But every vacation has to end
We have to toil, to start all over again!
Now I am 26
Been thru heaven, hell 
Enjoyed the joyride and back
One thing I can never let go of
One thing they have no rehab of
No one can tell you to start
No one can tell you to stop
It's your choice if you want to give up
Let's make it worth it
Shift paradigms if we have to
Worry not about changing
A tree does not become less of a tree after a storm
It just becomes more of its self.

When I add a number to my age next year, I know I am becoming more of myself.

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