August 23, 2011


I got a comment this morning that my blog is nice and clean and this has inspired me to continue this blog. There is a lot more to learn and I am happy to be picking up all these things. I said once, and I am gonna say it again. I am a slow learner but when I learn, it sticks. I do learn fast when it comes to easy tasks that involves methods and systems, but when it comes to something vague and broad such as life, I learn really slow. I know this has quite steered away from the main topic of learning about blogging and affiliates but I always somehow find a link of what I do to life. You see, I've learned that everything is connected, associated and related. But there are exceptions to the rule, of course. Let me find out what and I'll let you know then.

Last night, I stumbled upon this affiliate link on my email. So I signed up and put the banner on my blog, you can see that below. By the way, here's the link to my general link: 

As a blogger, maintaining your blog is very important and posting to it at least once a day is very good. But so is making money. Of course, there's passion and all and it is something that I love to do but what I am doing by putting ads on my blog is what they call automation. I am putting efforts and time into something that will automate my income in the future. Which, in turn, will liberate me from a 9 - 5 job. I've always had a problem with being stuck with all those hours and working online has allowed me freedom to be the captain of my own time, though I must admit there are certain hours that I follow to accommodate a client, but otherwise, I do my work on my own time. 

So, if you are a blog or site owner, I would suggest that you put on something that will generate income for your efforts. Maintaining a blog or site takes up so much of our time, so let's make our time worthwhile. :-)

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