August 20, 2011

Found this in my Notes, read how crazy my mind is.

pussy is the best there is in the world. it signifies all of the good thats in store for you. and if you want it so bad, youre gonna work really hard to get it wet and work harder for it to gush forth the fountain of love and happiness that we're all craving for.

love is so expansive. there are labels. labels that sometimes we are afraid to acknowledge or know that we are labeled as such.

people are sometimes unbelievable. one moment you think you feel you now know how to steer thru life, the next thing you know, they have changed the rules and they didn't tell you about right up to the moment you stared at them blankly, your face almost formed into a question mark and your told that that's it. rules that are often so created by these people who are not living life but rather are ignored by it.

Comment: Hahahaha! Most often than not, I write things and shelf it. Then a few months, or even years, I chance upon it and I get shocked. :-)

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