June 16, 2011

The importance of being positive in everything

Not so long ago, I called myself a positive pessimist. It’s clearly an oxymoron. But you see, for every situation, every cause and effect, I’d always imagine the worst that could ever happen so that whatever result comes out I’d be relieved because it was always less of what I conjured in my mind. It was how my life went in those years, and maybe just out of sheer luck, nothing bad really ever happened to me. Because the worst I already had experienced in my mind.

I’ve met people who are just ridiculously positive that I’d imagine them getting whacked by me with a baseball bat in my head. In case you don’t know, I was also secretly violent, which means I’ve had imagined some people being beaten to almost bloody pulp until they shout out loud that I am right. Of course, this never happened in real life. Only in my dreams, during lulls in a day or during those verbal encounters with stupid people and I just couldn’t muster enough courage to grab something to whack the person with. Because I’m not really violent in nature. Ahem.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to get across is that it is important to be positive to attract positive things in your life. One big thing that happened to me where I was trying out again my positive pessimist thinking about what I was going to do was when I was contemplating on my decision to surf Cloud 9. This was only recently, and I am still learning how to surf, and everytime I’m about to do something big and for the first time, my mind automatically searches for possible worst things that can happen. When I was walking on the boardwalk to the tower in Cloud 9, I conjured up images of me getting stabbed by my board after a wipe out, me breaking my board, me hitting my head on the reefs with blood gushing out. What else could be worst, right? What I wasn’t prepared for was what actually happened to me. I think I was riding okay already, then I went off balance, my board nosedove into the reefs, then I jumped and landed on the center fin and got hit between my legs. LOL The rest of the story I’m gonna tell you in clips. I was taking a ride to return my rental board, then when I got down the back of the motorbike was drenched with blood. I was rushed to the health clinic but got refused because they didn’t have a gauze. I was rushed to the hospital 30 minutes away, there was no OB. I was rushed to the nearby city which was 3 hours by boat, I was only seen by an OB after 4 hours. Imagine the pain and discomfort from the time it happened at 8am, until the time I saw the OB at 4pm. I know you can’t. You can try though.

I met with my island friends in the city and I was so surprised they were able to travel. I was happy. I met several positive people and got into a conversation about law of attraction and positivism. I knew they were right, of course, after all what I went through, they could be nothing but right. Still I insisted that I had a point.
Imagine my bathroom. The toilet is directly below the shelf where it had my personal hygiene stuff like deodorant and lotion. Now everytime I would reach for my deodorant I imagined it would fall into the toilet bowl. That could be the worst thing in that situation, right? So after I took a shower and dried myself, I reached for the deodorant and swiped my armpits then screwed on the cap while reaching the shelf to place it back when the cap fell into the toilet bowl. I just had to tell my friend the story, and he couldn’t be more right about being positive in all aspects to attract positive things into our lives.

Now that it has finally absorbed into my system that there’s no other way but to be positive in all aspects to be able to fully live our lives, I am happier. Lighter. This is actually the first time that I really and seriously understand the concept of good vibes and being positive. Even if I lack sleep because of work or Facebook, I still feel this happiness going around my body. I hope to affect other people into being positive too, like how I came into this disposition with the help of my friends. :-)

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