May 19, 2011


It's been 2 weeks, I think, since  I declared a lifestyle change here in the island. I'll mostly be a hermit, not totally, but you know steering away from the crowds and preferring to stay at home. Since I don't smoke nor drink anymore, it would be totally useless to still go out and see people getting drunk. Of course, I'd go to those special events like the party for Cloud 9 Masters that happened on Tuesday. Beers, Jungle Juice and Boracay shots were passed around freely and as any good citizen will do, I drank half of my beer and just parked it on the table after. I danced with them and enjoyed the night with the surfing crowd and realized this is what you should be going out for. The events that really call out to people to party, and not just going out because it's a Wednesday night or the weekend.

In the 2 weeks that passed, I've survived aches that occured over misunderstandings and miscommunications. I went through a lot of things and now I've grown to understand that things come and things go. So when it's there, be happy, and when it goes, be strong. People here in the island have helped me a lot, I've learned so much from them. I can never exchange this kind of experience for anything else, and when things are all good, and when I will finally be with Tyler, I will be a better person and mother for him.

At this moment, I feel like things are going flatline. I should get used to this lifestyle change. I'll get better at this. 

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