February 20, 2011

This is ME

My hair is brown, because I live near the beach. My pores are big and my skin isn't nice. My teeth is not straight, it's crooked because when I was younger my parents couldn't afford a dentist that time when my lower teeth was ready to be pulled out. My neck is not smooth, it's like the neck of a chicken. My arms are like those of a boxer, wide and big and looks like I can punch the hell out of you. My boobs, they're small and shy, just like me. My waist, not 25, but 28, and this makes me doubly insecure because of the stretchmarks I gained after pregnancy. I don't have the best butt, mine looks sloppy and tired. Legs, I have coins on them. But I can't care less. My feet, they look like maruya, if they were webbed I could probably be the fastest swimmer in the world. 

Yes, all these makes me insecure. I look at beautiful people and I hide in their shadow because of my flaws. 

But I'm happy. Why? I may not be perfect but my eyes can look through people, my smile can make your day, I can hug you if you're sad and tell you nice things when you're down. 

I have my baby who looks up to me and tells me how much he misses me and that makes me happy.

I like how my hair looks like, how my tanned skin glows in the light. How my teeth looks different from the rest, how my stretchmarks remind me of the best. How my bow legs look when I wear heels, and how I can forgo a bra with my small boobs. The possibility that I can still have that 25in waistline, but I delay because eating is so much fine. Someday I'll go to the derma, but for now, I'll settle going to the beach and just stay there and enjoy the breeze. 

I'm not perfect, but I'm happy with my baby and friends and that's fine. 
Send me comments if you got a stiff neck

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