July 31, 2015


I am my own hero. I have survived a lot of bad things and even bad people in my life starting when I was 9 years old. And what I learned is that they just are like sandpaper to my character and I'm shining like gold.

I know it's a pretty bold statement to say since clearly I'm not a perfect person. I've done bad things too but it hasn't done anything much to my person because nothing sacred lives on top. I have been able to keep myself inside my little shell and I'm proud of it. 

I thought I met people who I considered heroes at that time. But there were not. They were just deceitful people who lied and cheated their way just so they can have what they want. They did some really bad things and just hurt me for a while. They were irresponsible and didn't think of their obligations. It's sad but I have to move on. Life goes on. And if they don't want to be a part of their kids' life, then be it. I will be a hero to my kids. They can keep their money and spend it on themselves. 

The greatest love of all is indeed the love of self. 

July 3, 2015

First in, first out

So I started the year (December 31, 2014 actually) with the promise to myself that I will not be involved with anyone for a year. I arrived in Siargao that day with a friend with high hopes for myself and the future. I immediately set out to hug my daughter Zarina who is under the care of her yaya, Auntie Cathy, while I work in an office in Cebu. We chose to stay in Siargao as Z is happiest there. Imagine being able to dip your toes everyday at the world-class beach which is just a stone's throw away from the home that we stay in. She was so happy to see me and I was even more happier to hug and kiss her after a month of not being together. We played until afternoon and caught up with Auntie Cathy and her family on the island's juiciest news and the common chika. By dinner time, we had the best dinner to cap the year off with grilled fish, veggie salad and rice. Nothing beats the island food as they are just the best all-year round!

November 28, 2013

All around soap

I found it! My all around soap!

I was just so happy and giddy to discover this. I've been a Dove user since college and my skin feels smooth and nice and it has this youthful glow (I see it when I look at the mirror, at least). But, two days ago, my Dove soap was already kinda thin and if you know, when soaps thin out, it doesn't really lather up much anymore. So I decided to try out my daughter's soap. She's using Oilatum bar and it's for dry and sensitive skin. My facial skin has always been a combination or normal and oily, and for my body, it's usually dry, and Dove soap does help in making it not too dry anymore but I always apply lotion after a shower. The morning after I used Oilatum, my skin did feel a little smoother and pores looked tight. Amazing! The next time I had a shower, I used it for my body too and yes, my skin looks better now than when I was using Dove.
I made a decision to make it my all around soap. Instead of buying three different soaps for face, body and private area, I just used Oilatum. It's a bit pricey than Dove or any regular soap but it's a consolidated expense for all three necessities.

Thank you Oilatum!

November 20, 2013

Another love lost

It was almost 4am of August 26, 2011 and I was standing on the street waiting for a motorela home. I just bought sweets from Shanghai bakery; I needed some treat because I had just broken up with a boyfriend who lived and worked in Dubai. We broke it up via Skype. 

It was swift and almost painless. Almost. I didn't expect it to end like that, and over a small misunderstanding. Bottomless pit, apathy, moving on...

Twelve hours passed and found myself standing again on the road, and this time, waiting for a motorela to take me to Mandumol. It was my friend's joint birthday party with her niece and she wanted to make sure I am there. I got there early and they were still making preparations for the party. Her father instructed us if we could get something from the grocery. I tagged along.

November 12, 2013

My country, the Philippines

The Philippines has been ravaged once again by Mother Nature. My country of tiny specks on the world map suffered massive damages due to typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Tens of thousands of lives lost, more were and are injured, and even more are grieving. And to think my country as a whole had just blinked from the major earthquake that hit us no more than 2 weeks ago. 

No, God is not punishing the Philippines.